Hansen Boer Goats

Quailty Boer/Fainting goats

We currently have a Full Blood Fainting Goat which has been our sire for the past 6 years.  We have had great results with kidding health kids that are usually suckling with Minutes of birth.   Mixed with great genetics our kids are sale ready in mouths. 

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We had purchased Kaleb(Cody) from  Giezentanne's Full CODI/PCI Boer Goats in spring of 2012.  We used him to bulk up the already big boned herd and have had great results.

Kaleb turned 2 years old this October

Our previous Herd sire  nice weight gains on the kids. We purchased ASSET from Max Boer Goats in 2006 at 9 months old. He has been a heavy producer for us, and he sires out most of our top sellers.  He was the base and foundation to our current herd!